Other Publications

Since its establishment, the Institute has been publishing, in one or more volumes, the proceedings of its symposia and conferences and the research papers it undertakes. Thus, at the beginning of work on the projects of the Comprehensive Catalogue of Arab Islamic Manuscripts, the Annotated Bibliography of Islamic References on Economics and Annotated Bibliography of Arab Islamic References on Education, experimental editions of the outcome of the work of three projects were published by the Institute, amounting to forty experimental volumes. Furthermore, these volumes were republished in number of revised editions. The final list of the publications of the Institute a smaller in this profile, comprising 75 publications until 2004, includes only the final editions. Likewise, having established the Higher Committee for Writing about the History of Jordan in 1987, the Institute has started to issue its publications also mentioned in this profile, which amounted to 66 articles in 2004.

The publications of the Committee are available at the Institute’s centre of marketing.

Publications of Aal al-Bayt Institute (previously the Royal Academy):

A. The Annual and General Conferences’ Books

  • 1. First Annual Conference.
  • 2. Second Annual Conference.
  • 3. Third Annual Conference.
  • 4. Fourth Annual Conference.
  • 5. Fifth Annual Conference.
  • 6. Sixth Annual Conference.
  • 7. Seventh General Conference.
  • 8. Eighth General Conference: “The Participation of Muslim Nations in Building up Islamic Civilization”.
  • 9. Ninth General Conference: “Man and the Future of Civilization from an Islamic Perspective”.
  • 10. Tenth General Conference: “Muslims and Intercultural Dialogue in the Contemporary World”.
  • 11. Eleventh General Conference: “Islam and the Social Contemporary Issues of the Time”.
  • 12. Twelfth General Conference: “The Future of Islam in the Fifteenth Hijri Century.

B. The Comprehensive Catalogue of Arab Islamic Manuscripts:

  • 13. Guide to Manuscripts’ Catalogues at the Royal Academy, and the first and second supplements/ three volumes.
  • 14. Manuscripts of the Holy Qur’an and of Qur’anic Calligraphy (Second revised edition) / one volume.
  • 15. Manuscripts of Tajweed (a revised edition) / one volume.
  • 16. Manuscripts of Qira’at (a revised edition) / one volume.
  • 17. Manuscripts of Tafsir and its sciences (Second revised edition)/ two volumes.
  • 18. Manuscripts of Hadith (a revised edition)/ two volumes.
  • 19. Manuscripts of Sirah / Two volumes.
  • 20. A Hand list of the Arabic Manuscripts (At the Chester Beatty Library, Ireland) / three volumes.
  • 21. Manuscripts of Fiqh / Six volumes.

C. Annotated Bibliography of Islamic References on Economics:

  • 22. Annotated Bibliography of Islamic References on Economics according to Subjects (Saleh Kamel Library) /25 volumes.
  • 23. Annotated Bibliography of Islamic References on Economics by Source (Saleh Kamel Library) /24 volumes.
  • 24. A Comprehensive Index of Annotated Bibliography of Islamic References on Economics by Subject (Saleh Kamel Library) / volumes 1-20.
  • 25. Compilation of Documents on Islamic Economics”/ three volumes.

D. Books of the Proceedings of the Symposia on Islamic Economics:

  • 26. Proceedings of the symposium on “Contemporary Social and Economic Conditions in the Muslim World and the Process of Social Change” (in Arabic and English).
  • 27. Proceedings of the symposium on “Problems of Research in Islamic Economics” (in Arabic and English).
  • 28. Proceedings of the symposium on “Investment Strategy in Islamic Banking” (in Arabic and English).
  • 29. Proceedings of the symposium on “Development from an Islamic Perspective” / two volumes.

E. Books the Proceedings of the Symposia on the Muslim Dialogue:

  • 30. Proceedings of the symposium on: “Rights in Islam” / two volumes.
  • 31. Summary of Rights in Islam.
  • 32. Proceedings of the symposium on: “Zakat and Social Security in Islam”.
  • 33. Summary of Zakat and Social Security in Islam.
  • 34. Proceedings of the symposium on: “The Importance of Islamic Waqf in Today’s World”.
  • 35. Proceedings of the symposium on: “Human Rights in Islam, between Particularity and Universality”.
  • 36. Proceedings of the symposium on: Ijtihad (independent legal reasoning) in Islam.

F. The Encyclopaedia of Arab Islamic Civilization:

  • 37. The Encyclopaedia of Islamic Civilization: Entries from the letter alif, (a second experimental volume).

G. Books on Jerusalem and Jordan:

  • 38. Treasures of Jerusalem, coordinated by Ra’ef Najm.
  • 39. Islamic Mausolea and Cemeteries in Jerusalem, by Dr. Kamel al-Asali.
  • 40. Catalogue of Manuscripts of Al-Aqsa Mosque Library (Jerusalem)/ two volumes.
  • 41. The Life and Times of the Late King Abdullah of Jordan (1882-1951 A.D.) (in Arabic and English).
  • 42. An Annotated Bibliography of United States Government Documents Pertaining to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (1920-1983).
  • 43. A Guide to Photographs and Documents Pertaining to Jordan (1870-1975), From the Middle East Centre, St. Antony’s College – Oxford University.

H. Islamic Contemporary Studies:

  • 44. Arab-Islamic Education: Institutions and Practices/ four volumes.
  • 45.Summary of Arab-Islamic Education: Institutions and Practices.
  • 46. Annotated Bibliography of Arab-Islamic References on Education/ two volumes.
  • 47. Financial Administration in Islam / three volumes.
  • 48. Summary of Financial Administration in Islam.
  • 49. Shura in Islam / three volumes.
  • 50. Summary of Shura in Islam.
  • 51. Treatment of Non-Muslims in Islam / two volumes.
  • 52. Summary of Treatment of Non-Muslims in Islam (in Arabic and English).
  • 53. Proceedings of the Symposium on: “Al-Sunna al-Nabawiyyah and its Methodology in Establishing Knowledge and Civilization”/ two volumes.
  • 54. The Works of Sheikh Muhammad al-Ghazali.
  • 55. A Young Muslim’s Guide to the Modern World by Prof. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, translated by Mr. Faruk Jarrar and Mr. Sadeq Odeh.

IX. Documents of Muslim –Christian Dialogue

  • 56. Common Concerns and Values for Family life (with emphasis on the international year of the youth), (in English).
  • 57. Authority.
  • 58. Common Humanitarian Ideals for Muslim and Christians.
  • 59. Model of Historical Coexistence between Muslims and Christians and its Future Prospects.
  • 60. Peace and Justice.
  • 61. Religious Pluralism.
  • 62. Youth and the Values of Moderation.
  • 63. Education for Understanding and Cooperation.
  • 64. The Educational System in Islam and Christianity.
  • 65. Perspectives of Co-operation and Participation between Muslim and Christians on the Eve of the New Century.
  • 66. Muslims and Christians in Modern Society: Images of the Other and the Meaning of Co-Citizenship.
  • 67. Religious Education in Modern Society (with Particular Emphasis on Colleges and Universities).
  • 68. The Rights and Education of Children in Islam and Christianity.
  • 69. Women in Society, According to Islam and Christianity
  • 70. Nationalism Today: Problems and Challenges.
  • 71. Religion and the Use of the Earth’s Resources.
  • 72. “Human Dignity”.
  • 73. Peace in Islam and Christianity.
  • 74. Religion and Secularism.
  • 75. Common Role of Muslims and Christians in Building up a Developing World.