The Symposia Of King Hussein

With the aim of establishing communication with Jordanian society and enhancing the Islamic education among its audience spectrum, particularly among young people, the Institute took the initiative to organize the Symposia of King Hussein starting from the beginning of the year 2004. They are general monthly symposia on various Islamic topics presented by some members of the Institute and members of its Board of Trustees.

The topics of the organized symposia were:

• Dialogue among Religions According to the Guidance of the Holy Qur’an.

• The Interpretation (tafsir) of the Holy Qur’an and its Schools of Jurisprudence (madhaahib).

• The Islamic Architecture in Jerusalem.

• The Fatwa and the Mufti in Islam.

• The Hadith Science: Establishment and the Elements of its Authentication.

• The Battle of Mu’ta: Highlights on the Ja‘fari Spirit